Have you been trapped inside for the whole day? Are you feeling nervous about your job security? Have you spent more time on your computer than ever before? There is never a bad time to give your resume a once-over. Thanks to COVID-19, more people than ever have to work from home or start their own online business.

The current U.S. unemployment is over 11%, according to labor economists. This means that America is currently experiencing the worst period of joblessness since World War II. This roughly translates to 1 in 9 people who want a job, but can’t find one.

However, Amazon announced that it would open over 100,000 positions to deal with increased workloads. This is because during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home and shopping online instead of going outside in order to avoid infection risks. Similarly, people are interacting with others online to socially distance. In this instance, Facebook has been helpful in maintaining a social life through technology.

The internet is more important than ever. Our phones, laptops, and tablets are our lifeline to the outside world

But while the tech sector has been more resilient, some tech workers are still concerned. According to a survey back in March, 24.9% of technologists are worried about unemployment. They are either looking for different ways of making money, or are learning new skills to supplement their income. In that survey, 40.2% of participants think the pandemic will take 6-12 months before life and work return to normal, while only 3% of participants thought it would take 1-3 months. 13.8% of participants think this pandemic will even take more than a year.

Nonetheless, tech jobs continue to grow despite the pandemic.

We are now in September, and the COVID-19 crisis is still at a relatively early stage- no one can predict how long this pandemic will last. In spite of the nationwide lockdowns to reduce infections, internet technology still needs to be maintained, websites must still be built, and code still needs to be written.

Now is a good time to polish your programming skills. The way to make that happen is to pick programming languages that you've had your eye on, and start learning. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are technologies that are here to stay for a long time.

For many programmers and software developers, learning a new programming language is often a self-paced effort. You become familiar by playing around with code and tinkering with it . However, this self-learning can be overwhelming and is not always efficient. If you are the type of programmer who needs lessons to make progress step by step, please check out the courses we have on Coder Vox.

Stay safe and stay well everyone!