If you’re looking to change your career for the better, you might want to consider becoming a web developer.

We live in an era where businesses cannot function without having a presence on the web. Every single website that you’ve come across was built by a person, and these developers are in high demand. Why? Because there simply are not enough people with the skills that companies are looking for.

And beyond all of that, maybe you also crave being able to work on something that is meaningful. You want to develop new skills, and build products that other people can use and interact with.

Here are five reasons why you should strongly consider a career in web development:

The average salary of a web developer is over $72,000

Let’s face it, most of us want to earn more money. The cost of rent is steadily increasing, and wages are staying the same.

Web developers in the U.S. enjoy a salary that averages about $72,000. Of course, this number will be either be higher or lower depending on the skill level and experience of the developer. As time goes on, you could reasonably expect your salary to increase as you gain more experience.

You don’t need a degree in computer science. In fact, you don’t need a degree at all

This isn’t the 90’s anymore. The days of tech companies requiring relevant degrees is long over.

Which do you think do you think a hiring manager would prefer: a fresh computer science graduate without any relevant experience, or a self taught programmer with a portfolio filled with projects they’ve worked on?

Any competent manager will choose the self taught programmer with a good portfolio. Why? Because a portfolio shows them exactly what you know, and what you are capable of doing. They want to see exactly what you’ve accomplished, because it gives them a very good idea of how you can contribute to their organization.

You have more freedom and flexibility than most jobs

Do you prefer working from home? Developers often have the luxury of being able to work from anywhere.

Many companies allow their programmers to work remotely. Since developers spend a lot of time at their laptop writing code, this means that they can effectively do their job anywhere with a stable internet connection. Yes, this means they could be in other cities or even at the beach sipping a cocktail, so long as they get their work done on time.

Most programmers do have a client facing role, meaning they don’t actually speak to customers or outsiders of the company. Their many role is building products and making sure they run correctly.

But what about meetings with co-workers or managers? Typically, they use online meeting platforms like Google Hangouts or Zoom to communicate. This is a very common practice among many companies.

You can become an entrepreneur

Are you creative? Do you like building things that other people can use? There are many advantages of being a web-based entrepreneur, such as lower overhead costs and more time and flexibility.

The great thing about being a web developer is that you can build a product that will potentially reach millions of people. Perhaps you have an idea for a social networking app, or maybe you want to build something that improves upon an existing idea.

You could combine your current expertise (marketing, accounting, real estate, etc.) and create a platform that connects other like minded people. Alternatively, you could develop an ecommerce site to sell products or services.

You can learn web development entirely online, from anywhere, anytime

College tuition is expensive, and taking classes is also time consuming.

For a person who works a full time job, typically they won’t be able to leave their job during normal work hours. Taking online classes, therefore, is a much more viable option. Self studying allows you to develop your coding skills when you have available time.

Online classes are also much more affordable, and lowers the barrier to entry.

If you are looking for a starting point, be sure to check out Coder Vox’s Front End Developer bootcamp.